Football is one of the universal languages which men and women speak. It adds joy to people’s lives, and a bit of heartache if your chosen team is not doing well. All this is for the love of the game and people would have it no other way.

The League

For all those who love to watch one of the best football tournaments, then this page is for you. In the articles to come, we are going to explore how this iconic league first started, and how it has grown to be what it is today. We are going to tackle issues about the first-ever competition, and the team that went on to win the first-ever UEFA Champions League.

A few people always wonder how football teams are chosen to be part of this prestigious event. We explore all the ways a team can elevate its status and end up playing with the big boys. We discuss the teams which have the highest odds of winning based on the statistics. These teams include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Liverpool. We dive into the issue of underdogs, and how they have upset the balance, and proven that statistics nowadays can often be unreliable. This is because of the shift in football that has been witnessed in the past few years.

We explore different football clubs which have taken part in the Champions League. We discuss the teams’ achievements as well as the players’ individual brilliance. We zone in on some of the greats who have graced the pitch and left a mark to be remembered forever.