The UEFA Champions League would not be a great and exciting tournament without some fun, interesting and at times controversial news going around. The news or rumors make the tournament even more exciting because people have more things to talk about as well as to look forward to.


VAR, which stands for Video Assistant Referee, is an official in a control room that reviews major decisions that have been made by a referee. When there is a dispute about an offside, handball or if a penalty should be awarded or a goal awarded, VAR is used to confirm what the referee on the ground may or may not have seen. VAR uses video footage which is looked at from all angles in order for the officials to determine whether a certain decision should stand.

This technology was used last season and it was met with mixed emotions. Some clubs welcomed it because certain decisions were made that were in their favor. For those clubs that were negatively affected, they were not too excited about its arrival. VAR was first introduced last season towards the end of the tournament. This season it is going to be used from the group stages on wards. It has made such an impact in football that it has also been introduced in the English Premier League.


Injuries in a squad greatly affect the team because a ‘B’ team has to be fielded so that the team can manage to play against the opponents. One such player that is injured and is instrumental to the team’s success is Lionel Messi. He has been on the sidelines for quite a few La Liga matches. He will most probably miss a few UCL matches. Luis Suarez is also another player that is on the sidelines due to an injury. This will probably affect Barcelona in the La Liga as well as the UCL.