As the UEFA Champions League is fast approaching, there have already been talks about who is going to be victorious and lift up the cup this season. A lot of people have already started placing friendly bets as well as high stakes on the teams they suspect are going to win. It is way too soon to tell who is going to lift the cup, but one can simply speculate and see if the predictions were real as the events are unfolding.

The Odds

Looking at the statistics Real Madrid has the best odds to win this season. They have won the UCL 13 times. They have won the tournament 6 times more than their nearest competitor Who is AC Milan.

Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona also have some good odds of making it out of the group stages and possibly the finals. They have all that it takes to make it to the top and that entails unity, hard workers, great goalkeepers, seasoned coaches, lethal strikers and most importantly defenders that throw their bodies on the line for the team.

As mentioned previously, statistics show us how things used to be but are not accurate in predicting the future when new conditions are added into the mix. The new shift in football which has been seen in the recent world cup as well as the last season of the Champions League proves that the odds are in favor of the underdogs.

At present, teams such as Tottenham Hotspurs, AS Roma, Manchester City, and Atletico Madrid seem like they might have a good chance to beat the usual giants and move on to the finals. These teams have proved that a football club does not have to be the richest, the biggest or one of the most celebrated for it to play well.