The UEFA Champions League is a very prestigious league. All European teams either dream of winning it for the first time or adding the number of times they have won it. For this reason, teams play their hearts out in their leagues so that they can secure a top 4 spot. Securing a top 4 spot or winning the Europa league guarantees the teams of a front-row seat to all the action at the tournament.

Throughout the history of the UEFA Champions League, there have been some teams that are considered the giants due to the number of times they have won. These teams include the following.

  • Real Madrid- This club has won the championship more times than any other football club in Europe, with a total number of 13 trophies.
  • AC Milan- AC Milan has won the UCL 7 times making it second on the list of clubs with the most trophies.
  • Liverpool- They are the current champions and have a record of 6 trophies.
  • Barcelona and Bayern Munich- These two great football teams are tied at 5 trophies each. It would be interesting to find out which of these two will end up getting more trophies in the years to come.

The Contenders

There has been a shift in football in the past 5-10 years. We have witnessed historically good clubs being dethroned by the underdogs. One of the teams that have shown heart and the will to take down the big clubs is Tottenham Hot Spurs.

  • Tottenham Hot Spurs. This team has not only shown great fighting spirit on home soil but also on the international stage. They managed to change their status from underdogs to contenders of the UCL. They were unfortunately beaten by Liverpool in a nail-biting final that will be remembered for years to come.