There are always some exciting and game-changing events that happen before the start of the UEFA Champions League. These events make a squad stronger and some of them weaken them significantly. Some events also happen that is interesting for people to know.


Football brings people together because of their shared love of the game. It brings out the fire and passion in people. It often happens that this fire, if it goes unchecked, can end up destroying everything it touches. Fans support with their might and soul and at times they tend to take it too far. In the past there have been some fans that let their passion get the better of them and said some hurtful and unnecessary things, UEFA has maintained that it stands for equality, fairness, and love on and off the pitch. It stated that it does not condone racism and discrimination of any kind and further said that such behavior does not have a place in their tournaments.

Transfer News

When players transfer, it is always a good and a bad thing. The leaving of a player can leave a void in that club if they were valued. On the other hand, the club receiving the player will benefit greatly as this makes their squad stronger for the upcoming games in the Champions League. Romelo Lukaku left Manchester United and went to Inter Milan. He got there and hit the ground running by scoring four goals in his opening match. Inter Milan will definitely move forward better as a team after his arrival.

Antoine Griezmann recently made a move away from Atletico Madrid where he had a very successful career. His pace and skill made Atletico Madrid a lethal weapon. Barcelona will no doubt perform better in the upcoming Champions League with him continuing his magic in their team.